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From Students

“Make it mandatory for every teen to take this class before receiving a license.”

“It really made me understand the dangers of driving poorly. And what I can do to keep myself and others safe.”

“The presentation was very informational. Kyle was a big help in delivering key points of why we are here.”

“I liked that it was all so true. I never really thought about any of this and this Alive at 25 has shown me the reality of my actions.”

“It was friendly and open. There was no judging in the class and it made it comfortable.”

“I feel it really opened my eyes to be a safe driver and passenger.”

“It was engaging, we got to participate.”

“The instructor offered real life examples and was a pleasure to learn from.”

“I liked the videos and how we were able to participate rather than listening the whole time.”

“I liked the fact the whole class was involved with the topic.”

“It taught me a lot about how and what to do and what it takes to be a safe and better driver.”

“Very relatable. Made it easy and fun but learned a lot. Nice he had actual experience.”

“Very interactive and educative.”

“The pace is easy to keep up with.”

“It had real life scenarios, showed real families and their stories.”

“The instructor was very nice and non judgmental. He made the class fun and included everybody.”

“A good learning experience.”

“I think the instructor, Jason, did a good job at getting the information out in an exciting and interactive manner.”

“The overall presentation was excellent. Jason kept us very involved and made sure that we all awake. I was never bored, in fact I was very interested in learning about all of this.”

“It really got the message across to me.”


“Very active discussions. Makes us students participate and use real life scenarios to get important ideas across.”

“Let's you think more about how you should drive.”

“I liked that the instructor made it fun. We all worked as a group and the class was actually interesting and not boring.”

“It was interesting and actually taught me things I didn't already know.”

“It made me think of the bigger picture and expanded the necessary need for me to make better, smarter decisions.”

Email after a class: “Hello Jerome. I wanted to extend a thank you to you and the class. A lot of good useful information and you made it fun.”

“Commissioner Ornell,
 Your Honor,

First I would like to thank you for referring me to Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving class. It was very generous of you.
I finished the session Saturday August 10.
I was very impressed with the presentation by Jerome Cobert and his expert guidance through the laws of driving.
It was done in a very professional way and personally I came away knowing that I will be a better driver.
We all need a little refreshment and "attitudinal" adjustment from time to time, preferably not due to tickets though.
There were lots of younger drivers and I came away hearing positive comments. We worked in groups, part of the time, and it was interesting to observe the younger generation involved in discussing different scenarios.
Once again, thank you for letting me attend this class and come out with a clean record and a new attitude.

Kyosti Palo
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

From Public Safety Professionals

“Jerome Cobert, Executive Director of Cobert Safety Professionals, has a unique blend of experiences that make him a natural choice for implementing Alive at 25 in the Bay Area. Formerly a classroom teacher, Jerome has 15 years of law enforcement experience; many spent as a school resource officer. He has served on the National Safety Council’s International Defensive Driving Advisory Committee and is also a former law enforcement explorer advisor.”
Shelley McKown 
July 1, 2009
Director, Western Region 
Safety & Health Solutions 
National Safety Council
“Since its inception in Sonoma County, Alive at 25 has provided instruction to nearly two thousand young people. The student evaluations are uniformly positive. It is beyond any doubt this program has provided valuable life skills to our local youth and will save lives. I have no doubt that any community would benefit from Alive at 25.”
Chief Jeffrey Weaver
June 1, 2009  
Sebastopol (CA) Police Department
“There is only one true proven approach to reducing the number of young people being killed on our roads, the three "E's": education, engineering and enforcement. Without any of the three, the strategy will not work. GDL and enforcement along with vehicle improvements have helped, but the largest single factor to our success has been the Alive at 25 program.”
Chief Mark Trostel 
Colorado State Patrol (retired).
“I have had the great pleasure of requesting specialized training for the Security Team at the Transamerica Pyramid from Cobert Safety Professionals. The Executive Director, Jerome Cobert, is a colleague of long standing who has been helpful to me personally and professionally in many ways for several years.
Recently, I requested customized training in Standard first aid, AEDs, and Tactical first aid for our security team. Mr. Cobert designed a program that was absolutely outstanding. The technical aspects of the training were accurate, clear and accessible. The trainers were tops in their respective fields and very good at teaching. Our officers were extremely interested and pleased with the training.
In addition, I asked for and received custom built "Individual First Aid Kits" IFAKs which were first rate. Cobert consulted a series of experts, examined our needs and collaborated with us to create a compact, effective and reasonably priced set of IFAKs for deployment at our site. We believe they are as good as any in existence.
All of this was delivered on time and on budget, a significant factor in custom designed training and equipment.
The training and equipment that that Cobert Safety Professionals provided created a significant boost in capability and confidence for our officers. In addition, this type of training is useful for officers in their home life and therefore a morale booster.
It is my recommendation that Security teams, safety officers or others who desire top quality training and equipment consult Cobert Safety Professionals as they do a very good job.”

Jeff Ellis, CPP | Security Manager
Transamerica Pyramid
Board Certified in Security Management
Cobert Safety Professionals Alive at 25 teen defensive driving education program